Two Simple Keys to SEO Success - Take Care of the Basics and Forget About Algorithm-Chasing



Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to the success of any website because it helps to improve a website's visibility in the natural search results - the end result of which should be that the optimized website experiences a sustainable boost in search referral traffic. And yet in spite of the obvious importance of SEO, the reality is that the vast majority of websites have never been exposed to even a bare-minimum level of SEO effort, meaning that they are potentially forfeiting top rankings - and the traffic that top rankings virtually guarantee - to their competitors Why do so few people bother with SEO when it is so essential to a website's success?


Back when the concept of the internet was still new, many of its users abused it. They made millions of dollars just scamming people off their precious savings. They posted things that others have made and made themselves look legitimate.


A little used technique in SEO is optimizing your site's photos for Google images. Most people either don't know of this or are simply too lazy to do it. You can dramatically increase your traffic by optimizing the images on your site for high rank on Google images. Why not pick up this extra traffic?